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Setting Up FaceBook: Week 5 Part B

FaceBook: Week 5 Part BThe world of social media can be daunting and confusing, there are may terms, algorithms, and tactics for creating a strong and developed social media account for your brand. Two keywords that are used in social media post reach and post engagement. These two things play hand and hand with each other, however play different roles in the social media world. Post reach is the number of people or audience in which your post is reaching. Meaning this is the number of screens and accounts your post is being seen on. Post engagement is when a person interacts with the post they are seeing by liking, commenting, or sharing the post. Meaning once your photo is being seen by people which is the post reach, for the post to get the engagement it will need the user to physically contribute to that post in some way. Knowing the difference between these two ideas is key to understanding why some people may have a larger following than they get in likes and comments. With diff…

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